What Is The Difference Between Linux And Android IPTV Set Top Boxes?

Difference Between Linux And Android IPTV Set Top Boxes

There are two types of set top boxes used by the IPTV providers- Linux-based and Android-based. Both are used in the market but in recent years, the android ones have taken a greater market share globally. So, what are the differences between these two. Some of the key points of difference are discussed here-

Operating System: The key difference between the Linux and the Android IPTV set top boxes lies in their operating software. The linux STBs are based on Linux OS whereas Android ones use the Android OS.

User-friendliness: The Linux channel boxes are highly customizable and powerful whereas the Android boxes are more user-friendly. Therefore, each of these has its own place. The interface of Android STBs is designed especially for the TV screens. The navigation and control is easily done using the remote control or mobile application. Customization: In terms of customization, the linux boxes score over the android ones. The users can modify the OS and install the software as per their requirement. This is the reason why the providers still want to hand on with the Linux boxes.

App-loaded: Android set top boxes generally come with some popular android-based mobile apps. These include Youtube, Chrome, Playstore and others. This is not the case with Linux boxes.