Top 5 Indian IPTV in USA and Canada

For the people of India living in the USA and Canada, while there is a good adaptability and acceptability of the socio-cultural set up of the country of their residence, there is also an inherent connection with socio-cultural moorings of their native lands back home in India. In this age of the internet, this connection can be retained even when they are miles apart from their native place. This is achieved by providing Indian IPTV services. Since the multiple channels provide learning and entertainment, these go a long way in filling the void of the connect to their respective places back home.

Over the past few decades, many Indian IPTV service providers have started their services in different parts of USA and Canada, streaming TV content to the homes of people. The entry of multiple players in this field often makes it difficult for the people to make a choice. We can help in this selection as we provide the list of some of these top five Indian IPTV players in USA and Canada-

1. Guru IPTV-

Guru IPTV was launched in the year 2018 with the stated aim of serving the Indian community. Though it was rather a late entrant than some of the other providers such as Tashan IPTV which launched operations in 2010, it quickly basked in the glory of wide scale of acceptance by the people of the USA.

Guru comes with the latest cutting edge technology android set top boxes which go well with the latest smart TVs that are used in homes and offices. It delivered on the promise of providing seamless content in ultra high definition 4k resolution.

Important Features
  • Over 100 Live Hindi Channels
  • Over 1000 Total Channels in 14 Indian Languages
  • 24*7 Technical Support & Customer Service
  • Rewind Live HD Channels Up To 7 Days
  • Enjoy Largest Bollywood Library Of The World
  • Free Express Shipping
  • High Definition, 4K Quality
Guru IPTV Reviews on Web
  • Mouthshut gives it a 3.52 rating out of 5
  • Sitejabber gives it 3 points out of 5
2. Tashan IPTV-

Tashan IPTV was perhaps one of the first initiatives to bring Indian channels to USA as it was launched in 2010. Tashan IPTV tapped the latent need of the Indian populace to watch the Indian TV channels at that time and was among the very few providers. It became a household name for IPTV services in no time and has been going strong ever since. Even today, amidst very strong competition from other providers, it is able to retain its position in the market.

Tashan is known for quickly adjusting to the needs of changing times and using the best technology for providing services at exceptional prices for its subscribers. It began its services by offering the Linux set top boxes but now, it also provides the android ones. It has retained its prestige with a no compromising stand on quality which still earns it good referral business.

Important Features-
  • 15000+ Live TV Channels
  • 100000+ 4K/HD Movies
  • Crystal Clear Picture Quality
  • Rewind Live HD Channels Up To 7 Days
  • Strong referral base of customers
  • Offers 6 months extra subscription at the same price for referrals.
  • High Definition, 4K Quality
Tashan IPTV Reviews from Web
  • Mouthshut gives it 3.7 out of 5
  • Sitejabber gives it 5 out of 5
3. Boss IPTV

Boss IPTV made its beginnings in the year 2020 with the aim of providing inclusive ‘Indianness’ among the people living in USA and Canada. The main USP of this IPTV service provider is that it has channels from almost all the major linguistic regions of India. Covering over 14 major regional languages from India and its immediate neighborhood, such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, this IPTV service provider seeks to promote regional channels.

Boss IPTV is a relatively new entrant in this industry but it has been able to increase its market share due to focus on quality and wide range of Indian channels. Use of the linux based MAG series set top boxes and Unipro and BuzzTv android STBs are also key elements of their business to provide top class streaming quality.

Important Features-
  • 100+ English Channels, 200+ Hindi channels, 125+ Punjabi Channels, 100+ Tamil Channels, 75+ Pakistani channels, 60+ Bangla Channels and much more.
  • Channels belong to most of the genres-News, Travel, Drama, Action, Comedy, Movies, Romantic, Thriller, Cartoons, Lifestyle, Food and Drinks and a lot more
  • Offer subscription with “No monthly fee”. Its subscription plan is for either 1 year, 2 year or 5 years.
  • Both Linux and Android Set Top Boxes are provided.
  • Rewinding channel facility for up to 7 days.
  • High Definition, 4K quality
Boss IPTV Reviews on Web
  • On Sitejabber, it carries 4.3 rating out of 5
  • On Mouthshut, it carries 3.4 rating out of 5
4. Punjabi IPTV

Punjabi IPTV was initiated in the year 2021 with the sole aim of providing wholesome entertainment and information to the Punjabi community living in USA and Canada. As is commonly known, there is a sizable chunk of Punjabi speaking people who have migrated from India, particularly from the state of Punjab, to USA and Canada for many decades now. Punjabi IPTV aims to bring the latest news, movies, and other socio-cultural programs for the entertainment of the Punjabi community. While catering to Punjabi speaking populace is the core of this service, it also provides Hindi, English and other languages’ content to the viewers. It provides the largest number of Punjabi TV channels and a plethora of Punjabi movies, both old classics as well as latest releases.

Important Features-
  • 200+ Punjabi Channels
  • Largest Library of Punjabi Movies
  • Top Quality Streaming in 4K HD format
  • TV channels of Hindi, English and other languages also available
  • Rewind up to 7 days
  • 1 Year Hardware Warranty
  • 5 Year Subscription Warranty
5. Gold IPTV-

Gold IPTV is a recent entrant in the IPTV business in the USA and Canada market. Gold IPTV has modeled its business by providing the IPTV services not only of its own but also of a few other companies. It provides the hardware products as well, such as IPTV starter kits. These kits involve hardware of set top boxes including the remote and the firestick.

The subscription that it sells is of GLOTV and its price ranges from $14 to $300 depending on number of months of subscription, set top box model and whether new or renewed box is being opted for.

For those who are interested to see the channel list, it provides the same from GLOTV, NEXATV, TVZON and SKYTV.

Gold IPTV provides Amazon firestick only and also the programmed firestick with 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months subscription.

Important Features-
  • 1550+ Channels
  • Provides subscription of value $14 to $300 from GLOTV, NEXATV, TVZON and SKYTV
  • Provides Amazon Firestick and subscription of 1 to 12 months.
  • Option of purchasing only hardware ( set top box kits, Amazon Firestick), or, hardware with channels.